In “Application Settings”, click “Configure Advanced Options” button to display the following window:



These options are for advanced users: use them only on advice of technical support.


Available Advanced Options

Allow loading/saving other workbooks through VBA SetOption helper 

Show Developer Tab (not recommended)

Disable formula and VBA protection (Excel 2000 compatibility)

Custom Save File Extension (default: XLSC)

Store .DAT, license and save files in the same folder as the EXE file (useful for portable applications)

Do not disable Protect/Unprotect Sheet menu

Do not show VBA compiler exception messages

Compress EXE files with UPX

Allow the user to close the splash screen by clicking it

Disable Overwrite Prompt in the Save As dialog box

Do not use a virtual drive for storing temporary Excel files (troubleshooting purposes).

Perform a workbook recalculation at startup (formula protection troubleshooting purposes).

Allow all other Excel add ins (not recommended)

Use fixed protection DLL filenames (not recommended)

Use another registry key for storing activation data

Save workbook files against the language of VBA

Do not restart the EXE automatically after successful activation

Do not reset Quick Access Toolbar

Do not disable the XLStart user folder

Allow F11 and F12 keystrokes

Do not temporarily disable Excel events while protecting original workbook

Enable Web Update Log (WUPDATE.LOG in Documents folder)

Do not modify Excel icon

Do not forbid elevated mode for the EXE

Do not set calculation mode to manual when loading cell values

Delay before the Reload button in wait dialog displays (in seconds)