The secure application EXE file made from your Excel workbook accepts some command-line switches:

"MYAPP.EXE -load" will directly prompt the user which save he wants to load.

"MYAPP.EXE -reset" will directly discard any previous changes (without erasing saves) and load the original workbook.

"MYAPP.EXE -del" will erase all previous saves and load the original workbook.

"MYAPP.EXE -enterkey" will ask the end user for a new activation key (useful for instance to replace an old key that is going to expire).

"MYAPP.EXE -deact" will start the deactivation process.

"MYAPP.EXE -webupdate" will launch a web update.

Finally, you can pass a save filename to the EXE file, so that the latter is automatically loaded without prompt:

MyApp.exe "D:\My Documents\123.xlsc"