The version information of an executable file is a special resource section that contains such information about the file as its version number, its intended operating system, its original filename, its copyright information… This information is then included in the compiled code. When version information is included, end users can right-click the program icon and select Properties to display the version information (or press ALT+ENTER in Explorer).

XLS Padlock allows you to insert your own version information in the standalone EXE file. Click “Customize EXE Version Info” and a window with different fields appears:

File Description: should be the description of your application contents. Company Name: name of your company

File Version: the current release number of your .exe file. The format must be X.X.X.X where X is a number, such as The File Version value is also used by the Web Update feature to determine whether a new version of the application is available or not.

Legal Copyright: will appear under the “Legal Copyright” entry. Enter your own copyright such as “Copyright 2019 by Yourself. All rights reserved.”

Product Name: name of your product / application. Generally, the same as your application title.

Product version: the current release number of your application. Same format as above.

Legal Trademarks: any trademark that you want to add.