The "Ignore errors when processing the workbook (internal protection)" option in XLS Padlock allows the protection process to continue even if errors are encountered while opening an Excel workbook. This feature is designed to streamline the protection workflow by suppressing error messages that could otherwise disrupt the securing of formulas and workbook structure.


When this option is enabled, XLS Padlock will not halt or display error prompts if it encounters issues during the workbook's opening phase.


⚠️ Enabling this option does not resolve any underlying issues within the workbook; it merely omits them from the protection operation. Post-protection, please test the workbook to ensure that all features are functioning as required and that the end-user experience is not negatively impacted.


Should errors manifest in the workbook after protection, try to enable the alternative option, "Use Excel automation for formula protection." This setting utilizes Excel's own mechanisms to safeguard formulas, which may mitigate issues that are not addressed by the internal protection method.