The "Lock VBA Project" option must be used if you do not want your end users to access your VBA project. This feature does not use password protection, it marks the VBA project as locked: it can not be viewed, accessed or modified.

If the end user tries to access a locked VBA project, the following error message is displayed (Project Locked – Project is unviewable):



If you use this option, we recommend you first to remove the password of your VBA project (if any). In fact, this password is actually useless if the project is in locked state. Moreover, Excel 2007 can crash if you use a long password while activating the Lock VBA Project option.



If you prefer to keep a password, try the option “Prevent access to VBA editor” instead.

Note that macros remain functional.

This option is compatible with our VBA compiler, to increase the security of your VBA code.