XLS Padlock Manager is a stand-alone application that lets you check whether XLS Padlock is correctly set up and registered with the current Windows user.

In fact, XLS Padlock must be registered for each Windows user who wants to work with it. When you install XLS Padlock on a computer, the administrator account is used: XLS Padlock will only be registered for the administrator. For other accounts, you have to use the XLS Padlock Manager.

To register XLS Padlock for your Windows user account, launch “XLS Padlock for Excel – Manager” from your Windows desktop. The following window will appear:

If all LEDs are green, then your installation is fine.

If the first LED is red, click “Enable XLS Padlock for the current Windows user”: XLS Padlock will be automatically registered, and you will be able to use it. This operation does not require any administrative rights:

Note: if you already have a license for XLS Padlock, you can activate it.

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