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From the manufacturer: the Enky LC dongle is one of the most cost-effective software protection dongles. Enky LC has a matured 8-bit chip developed by top class manufacturer and is a standard USB interface-based HID device, which can be used driverless under Windows.

How to use Enky LC2 dongle


1.Enter the Developer ID you received from HS-Security Ware when purchasing your dongles.

2.Enter a unique Product ID associated to your workbook. This ensures that only Enky LC dongles with the correct product ID will be accepted by your application.

3.Build your secure application.


Steps to configure an Enky LC2 dongle


Dongles received from HS-Security Ware are configured to work with XLS Padlock. In order to link the dongle to your application, you have to burn it first. This can be done with the “Burn Dongle Now” button. Plug in the dongle you want to burn, and press the button. The dongle is configured and a confirmation message is displayed. You now have a dongle configured to unlock your application and you can distribute it to your customers along with the application EXE file.


The Burn Dongle process can be automatically done by  XLS Padlock when compiling your application, provided that a compatible dongle is plugged in (it will be listed in the compilation log).


Background check


In order to open the protected Excel workbook, a dongle with the correct Developer ID and Product ID has to be plugged in. Moreover, in order to prevent users from removing the dongle while still running the application, you can enable a background check. In that case, the dongle will be checked every X seconds - if the dongle is not available, the application will freeze and request it. The customer has the choice to insert the dongle again or Excel will be terminated.


To do so, enter the X interval in seconds or leave the field blank to disable. For instance, you can enter “15” and the dongle will be checked every 15 seconds.