The workbook will open only if the allowed USB sticks are plugged in. This protection is based on the built-in manufacturer ID each USB stick has got.

First, you must enter an Application Secret ID. This ID is combined with the USB stick’s manufacturer ID to generate a unique hash sum for each USB stick.

When the application is launched, it scans all inserted USB disks and computes all hash sums. If one of these hash sums match the authorized one(s), the protected workbook is opened. Otherwise, the following error message is displayed: “The required security USB stick is not found. Please insert it and restart this application” and the application exits.

To authorize a given USB stick in XLS Padlock:

Plug the USB stick you want to authorize in, choose it in the drive list and click "Allow this USB disk". XLS Padlock lets you know whether the inserted USB stick is compatible or not.

The hash sum is computed and added to the list on the left side.

Compile your application.


You can authorize several USB sticks.

USB stick protection has less flexibility and security features than dongle protection.

To edit an existing USB stick, just double-click on its manufacturer ID in the list and you will be prompted for any modification.