XLS Padlock provides localization support for your protected workbooks. Explanatory field text and dialog captions can display in the language of your choice when your application is run.

XLS Padlock loads all localization texts and resources from translation files whose extension is “.sil”. By default, XLS Padlock uses the translation file name “English.sil” available in the “XLS Padlock” installation folder.

XLS Padlock comes with some language files available in the “XLS Padlock” installation folder: the software loads them into the predefined list when it is launched. Use the combo box to choose one of the existing language files, for example German, French, etc.


Translation files are in text format (same as .TXT), and their encoding should be UTF-8. Thus, you can edit translation files with any text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.



How to define a language for your workbook application


To choose an existing translation file, either use the combo box, click “Browse” or enter its path in the associated field.


To customize a translation file, just click “Edit” and your default text editor software will be run.


If no language file is specified in the field, the default language file is opened. You cannot modify it directly without administrative rights: we recommend you save the default language file as a new file, make your modifications and then specify the path to the new language file.


The selected translation file should remain available as an external file when the application is being compiled.