Question: In the context of XLS Padlock's WooCommerce Integration Kit, what is the difference between an activation key and an activation token, particularly in terms of their role in the activation process for compiled workbook EXE files?


Answer: Activation keys are used by end users to activate their access to the protected Excel workbook, while activation tokens are unique identifiers sent to customers, which are used by online activation to recognize the record of the customer in the database.


An activation key has this form "735DH-H12E7-DDH8F-D9BBD-BC296-F8929" while an activation token in the WooCommerce Integration Kit has thos one: "[email protected]".


Online activation automatically generates and activates protected workbook apps with activation keys.


ℹ️ Activation keys can be deactivated and blocked, while an activation token will always remain valid.