XLS Padlock is protection and licensing software for Microsoft Excel to copy-protect Excel workbooks. It works as a compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications.



Thus, you can safely distribute your Excel files, control which user can access your Excel workbooks and prevent copying of sheets. Sheet context menu (right-click), copy to clipboard, formula bar, save, printing, access to VBA project can be disabled.

Besides, XLS Padlock allows you to secure your Excel files with USB stick, with strong dongle protection (even with dongle remote update), and/or with hardware-locked activation keys only working on a given computer. You can also decide which formulas should be protected, so that an end user can use them, but without viewing them or being able to copy them in another Excel file.

VBA Code Protection

With the built-in VBA code compiler of XLS Padlock, compile your sensitive VBA code into secret byte-code not accessible to final users. Your VBA macros are protected and cannot be studied/copied because the original VBA code does not exist anymore. The compiler is not a simple obfuscator: it completely turns VBA code into binary code and stores it directly into the application. Finally, you can lock or password protect your VBA project: since the original XLS file cannot be recovered, Excel password-cracking tools are useless.

Lots of security options


Applications can expire after a given number of days or runs, or on a specific date. A nag screen can be displayed for trial versions. Online activation also lets you automate licensing of your applications and control who may access your workbooks remotely.

Secured workbook applications are stand-alone and only need Microsoft Excel to work. All Excel functionalities are supported.

Applications can have their own icon and copyright information. They can also be translated into the language of your choice. A license agreement (EULA) and/or a splash screen with semi-transparency can be optionally displayed at startup.

You can digitally sign compiled workbooks with Authenticode, and even create an installer for distribution.

Finally, customers can be notified of new versions of your compiled workbooks thanks to web updates.

Compatible with Office 365 and Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 (SP3), 2003, 2002 - 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

A Windows x64 edition is required to create 64-bit applications.

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