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With the XLS Padlock’s affiliate program, introduce our XLS Padlock Excel compiler software to your audience of Excel users around the world, and earn a competitive commission on every sale: 40% minimum (and even more in the future)!

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Powerful, easy-to-use affiliate console

Our main reseller MyCommerce powers our affiliate program. After your (free) subscription, MyCommerce will assign a referral ID to you and give you access to an online Control Panel app where, for instance, you can generate dedicated XLS Padlock purchase links to pass to your customers. So that you would get a commission for purchases customers make through these links and/or redirected to our website.

Links for affiliates

When telling your friends about XLS Padlock, you can also use your direct affiliate links to our website.
Links must follow this format: – where XXXX is your MyCommerce referral ID.

Thus, our website will set a 40-day cookie for visitors redirected by your affiliate links.
Then, when they visit our store page, the MyCommerce links are automatically updated to include your affiliate number restored from the visitor’s cookie.

You can use your affiliate link to promote XLS Padlock on forums and blogs as well.

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How much commission will I receive?

New affiliates receive a 40% commission. If you sell more and/or if your website redirects a lot of visitors, we’ll give you a higher commission (up tp 55%).

You will be notified by e-mail as soon as we change your commission rate.


Please refer to the FAQ of MyCommerce

When will I get paid my commission?

MyCommerce sends out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month’s sales. Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month’s earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission earnings.

Is there a minimum amount in your affiliate program I have to earn in order to receive payment?

Yes, you must earn a minimum of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission before payment can be made. If the minimum amount is not reached, the total is carried over to the next month.

Which payment methods and currencies are available for me to receive my payments?

You can receive your commission by Direct Deposit (USD), check (USD, EUR or GBP) or wire transfer (EUR, GBP). You can specify your preferred payment method in the Control Panel under Administration > Your Payment Information.

I haven’t received my payment for last month’s sales, what do I do?

This can be due to a number of reasons. If you have set a minimum payment yourself, it may not have been reached. Or you may not have reached our minimum (see “Minimum Amount” above). If so, your commission will be retained until it has reached the set limit. If you have not set a limit yourself, or if you think your commission should not have been retained, please e-mail to [email protected].

Are there any costs participating as an affiliate in your affiliate program?

There are no monthly or fixed costs to you for participating in the MyCommerce affiliate program.

What information will I receive on my sales?

You can access sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. These provide an overview of your sales and commission payments by date. MyCommerce does not, however, disclose end customer data, since you are not the legal owner of this data.

How can I terminate the partnership?

In your MyCommerce’s Affiliate Control Panel, you can display all your partnerships in the section “Products”. Simply filter by “Partnership exists”. For each partnership, you will find a button “Terminate partnership”. Then, simply remove the links from your website after you submitted your termination request.

Any Questions?

If you have questions about our affiliate program, feel free to contact us.

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