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One royalty-free license: 139 EUR*

One license for you, and distribute your workbooks to an unlimited number of customers (royalty-free).

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By purchasing a license for XLS Padlock, you will get:

  • a license that never expires for the purchased version.
  • no nag messages in your applications contrary to the Trial edition.
  • no forced expiration of your applications contrary to the Trial edition.
  • no royalties fee: you buy a license of XLS Padlock for yourself and you may then distribute your workbooks as compiled applications to any end user (according to the license agreement terms). There is no extra fee required for end users.
  • a 12-month maintenance included which offers free minor and major upgrades, faster and free basic technical support via e-mail and our forum, and important discounts for renewal...


After placing your order, you will instantly receive license details by email with instructions about how to upgrade from Trial edition to the Registered one. If you already have received your activation code, connect to your account here.

* All prices listed are subject to the local applicable sales tax/VAT if any. Prices in Euro are mandatory for orders from within Europe. Prices are subject to changes without notice.

If you plan to purchase several licenses, please contact us for possible discounts.

One end user license allows you to activate your license on two computers provided that the registered user (Named User) is the only individual permitted to work with the license. A deactivation facility is provided, allowing you to transfer your license from a computer to another one.

Upgrade Conditions

When you purchase a license, your activation code will always work with the version of XLS Padlock you purchase. In addition to the license, you are given a 12-month maintenance.

An active maintenance lets you receive free major and minor upgrades, access to latest versions, priority for free basic technical support by email and support forum.

Future versions may require a new license key that will be delivered only if you have an active maintenance.

If you let your maintenance expire, upgrades will cost you 80% of the new license price (30% more than one-year maintenance).

Our privacy policy regarding customer personal data is available here.

Evaluation: Trial Edition

The Trial edition of XLS Padlock is a full-featured release. This means that the same capabilities available in the registered software are present in this Trial edition, except that the Registered edition will never put nag messages at startup nor automatic expiration dates in the applications. Moreover, you are not allowed to distribute applications made with the Trial edition.

The goal of the Trial edition is to let you try out all the features of XLS Padlock: you can, therefore, see if it works for you. Although the Trial edition does not contain a time-out feature, we ask you to purchase a registered license after 30 days if you are interested in using XLS Padlock.

Please review our refund policy before placing an order. Our Frequently Asked Sales Questions section is also available.

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