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This page includes comments and user testimonials about XLS Padlock from just a few of our satisfied customers, some awards and links related to XLS Padlock. If you have suggestions, feel free to contact us.

The guys help is superb, they grasp my questions quickly and their response is usually spot on and friendly. Love the new support set up too. Keep up the good work.

– David Gibson

Your product is excellent and is just what I have needed. Your design makes it extremely easy for me to supply my clients with updates as needed. It protects me as well as my clients. Please pass along to your developers my sincere appreciation and thanks for the expertise, time and effort spent in generating this software.

– John Nelson


Well I have been using XLS Padlock now for more than 2 years to develop a database in Excel that keeps track of every single program in Star Trek that you watch. XLS Padlock has made it possible for me to safely
distribute my spreadsheet from my website without any risk of the project being stolen or corrupted in any way. It also allows me to make a small amount of money from donations if people use the sheet more than 30 times. After which they receive a registration code – locked to their specific computer.

XLS Padlock compiled spreadsheets also provide me with a very professional looking finished product that behaves like a real independent application even though it is really just a very fancy macro enabled spreadsheet with quite a bit of VB code attached to it, which I had to teach myself how to use. But here is the thing – the support from XLS Padlock is second to none, and if you don’t understand something you will be given plenty of help and guidance even with some code samples occasionally in order to help you to understand how macros and VB code needs to behave differently inside the compiled, secure environment of XLS Padlock.

I love this application and my product would not exist without them. It is true there are other similar products out there but they have subscription and commission based models and will cost you a small fortune if you are distributing a number of copies or versions. […] There are also wonderful downloads available for registered users and even facilities and instructions for the Windows Verification procedure and even online activation!

I cannot recommend this product highly enough and it is a 10 out of 10 product and a MUST HAVE for every Microsoft Excel user out there.

STAR TREK Trekkie Tracker

Just a quick note to congratulate you all at G.D.G. Software on the XLS Padlock 2018 version.

I am a very happy user of XLS Padlock. […] You deliver great software.

Thank you for making my life easier (and more fun).

– Lars Patterson

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– Dan Strong

I sell a commercial application using XLS Padlock as my excel protector/compiler and as well the joint program Paquet Builder to distribute.

I have had no issues with XLS Padlock or others that run the software I distribute and find it very simple and effective to use with some good features. Only issue that I found is my customers have different versions of Excel and the older the version the more challenging it gets when you add a lot of VBscripts and macros. If you’re able to test your XLS apps on Excel ver 2007 and up you will find the XLS Padlock works on them all very well.

– My Testimony Kevin A.

Software Informer Virus Free award

Softpedia guarantees that XLS Padlock is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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