Secure your Excel VBA code with our VBA code protection features

XLS Padlock brings you powerful VBA code protection and even compilation. It lets you not only lock the VBA project of your Excel workbooks (or prevent access to the VBA editor), but also compile your sensitive VBA code into working bytecode not accessible to final users.

Really protect your VBA macros and code. In fact, end users can not study / copy them because the original VBA code does not exist anymore. The compiler is not a simple obfuscator, it completely turns VBA code into binary code and stores it securely in the application.

  Other VBA protection can be easily defeated, even VBA obfuscation is not a real protection: discover XLS Padlock’s VBA compiler as a better alternative.

Lock your VBA Project

With XLS Padlock, you can lock your VBA project securely: this feature doesn’t use password protection, it marks the VBA project as locked: end users can’t be view, access or modify the project in VBE (Visual Basic Editor). If the end user tries to access a locked VBA project, Excel will display the following error message (Project Locked – Project is unviewable):

Unviewable VBA

Since XLS Padlock forbids end users to access the original Excel file, Excel VBA password-cracking tools are useless. Moreover, this option is compatible with our VBA compiler, to increase the security of your VBA code.

Prevent access to VBA editor

This is an additional security measure that will automatically close the VBA editor if the end user tries to open it. So, your VBA project remains inaccessible.
This option is compatible with VBA password protection and our VBA compiler.

Protect VBA Code with VBA Code Compilation

XLS Padlock features an integrated VBA compiler. Thus, write simple scripts and compile them into working bytecode not accessible to others.

Turning parts of your VBA macros into compiled code allows you to secure them. In fact, the original code does not exist anymore and end users can not copy or tamper it. This is a definitive protection for your VBA code, and even without VBA password protection.

For instance, see this original code:

VBA Original Code

Once protected, it becomes:

VBA Protected Code

As you can see, the original code in calculate() has been replaced by a call to XLS Padlock’s built-in function named PLEvalVBA. This function executes the compiled bytecode. There is no way for the final user to access the bytecode. Of course, the calculate() VBA function remains fully-functional (even in the original Excel workbook, before compilation).

We moved the original VBA code of calculate() to the XLS Padlock VBA Editor. Then, we compiled it, as you can see below:

VBA Code Editor and Compiler

Our VBA compiler is not a simple obfuscator. It completely turns your VBA code into binary code and stores it securely in the application.

  You can see how this works thanks to our online video.

Try it yourself

   Try a workbook with compiled VBA code thanks to our Live Workbook Demonstration and see it yourself!

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