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Protect your Excel workbook with XLS Padlock

Turn an Excel workbook into protected EXE Steps to protect an Excel workbook 1. In Excel, open the workbook you want to protect (any Excel … Read More

Distribute a protected workbook

How to distribute a protected workbook It’s easy to distribute a workbook protected with XLS Padlock. When you click “Build Secure Application”, XLS Padlock generates … Read More

Security for Excel workbooks

Optimal security for your Excel workbooks XLS Padlock provides optimal security for your Excel workbooks through several security options and features as detailed below. Make … Read More

Excel workbook protection with hardware-locked-keys

Hardware-locked keys: an efficient means to prevent the sharing of your Excel workbook You want to give access to your Excel workbook to some people … Read More

Online activation and licensing for Excel workbooks

Online Activation: control who can use your Excel workbook Want to offer a free trial of your workbook to your future customers and collect email … Read More

Dongle protection for Excel spreadsheets

Dongle protection: high security for your Excel spreadsheet You can lock your Excel workbook to a dongle, which means that the workbook will not work … Read More

Sell Excel workbooks and licenses with WooCommerce

Sell Excel workbooks with WooCommerce and manage licenses Want to sell your Excel workbooks with WooCommerce and without efforts? ⇒ With XLS Padlock, it is … Read More

Subscriptions for Excel Workbooks: way to make money

Make Regular Money With Subscriptions For Excel Workbooks Yes, you can generate regular income from an Excel spreadsheet you designed thanks to subscriptions for Excel … Read More

Protect your Excel formulas with XLS Padlock

Efficiently protect your formulas in your Excel workbook Our Excel compiler XLS Padlock lets you keep your formulas secret. Protect your Excel formulas against copy, … Read More

VBA Code Protection and Compilation

Secure your Excel VBA code with our VBA code protection features XLS Padlock brings you powerful VBA code protection and even compilation. It lets you … Read More

Allow or disallow saving in your Excel workbook

Allow saving in your Excel workbook or not? With XLS Padlock, decide if you want your users to be able to save their changes in … Read More

Make an installer or Setup for your Excel workbooks

How to make an installer or Setup program for your Excel workbooks You can package your compiled workbook into an installer or Setup program. Setup … Read More

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