Strong Excel Workbook Protection and Licensing Made Simple

Looking for hassle-free software to effectively protect your Excel workbooks, VBA code, macros, and Excel formulas?

Look no further! With our Excel workbook protection solution, you can secure your valuable intellectual property and start selling licenses for your workbooks.
XLS Padlock is a powerful software that works as an Excel compiler, transforming your spreadsheets, formulas, and VBA code into secure applications that are ready for distribution and sale.

XLS Padlock 2024.1 available for download

April 17th, 2024: The latest 2024.1 release introduces a new application bundle format, enhanced code signing and distribution tools, improved web update features, and several other enhancements. It is recommended that all users upgrade.
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All-in-one Excel Protection

Do not share your Excel source files (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB…) with users but a secure application EXE file

Unique VBA protection: compile VBA code to cryptic bytecode. Your original VBA code cannot be copied

Restrict access to secured spreadsheets with generic USB sticks or strong dongle protection

Prevent illegal sharing of your Excel workbooks with hardware-locked keys

Control who can access your workbooks thanks to the online activation feature

Sell workbooks with WooCommerce and automate licensing, earn money regularly with Excel

Sell subscriptions for your spreadsheets and earn money each month

Make your workbooks expire after a number of days, runs or fixed expiration date.

Completely customize your application: icon, splash screen, version info, translation…

Display a license agreement (EULA) before the workbook opens…

Make installers for your compiled workbooks, code sign EXE files…

Disable copy to clipboard, formula bar, printing, PDF export or cell right click

Lots of security features for enhanced Excel workbook protection

With our Excel compiler, wrap your Excel spreadsheets into secure Windows EXE applications with Formula Protection, VBA Compiler, EULA display, licensing and trial features, dongle or USB stick protection, and much more

Decide which formulas should be protected

Formulas protected with XLS Padlock work as expected, but end users can not view them or copy them to another Excel file. It is even possible to disable the formula bar in spreadsheets.

Advanced licensing features for Excel workbooks

Secure your Excel files with online activation, with hardware-locked activation keys only working on a given computer, with dongle protection and/or with generic USB stick protection…

Secure your sensitive VBA code for effective Excel workbook protection and VBA protection

Protect and hide your sensitive Excel VBA code by converting it to bytecode with our exclusive XLS Padlock’s VBA compiler. Lock access to VBA project or prevent access to VBA editor.

Protect your investment and earn more from your Excel workbooks with our Excel compiler

XLS Padlock provides you with all the tools to fight piracy, sell licenses for Excel spreadsheets and make your investment profitable. A real Swiss knife for powerful Excel workbook protection.

Start testing our solution today with the fully-functional and free trial version of XLS Padlock. No time limit. No credit card required.

Live Workbook Demonstration

 Test an Excel workbook compiled with XLS Padlock yourself. Discover how to use formula protection, custom splash screen, EULA display, VBA macro protection and even activation keys for your Excel workbooks and spreadsheets.

Powerful licensing options for Excel workbooks

Automate licensing of your compiled Excel workbooks: with the free WooCommerce integration kit available to XLS Padlock customers, manage licenses and online activations visually through your WooCommerce store.

Lots of useful features for enhanced Excel workbook protection

Applications can expire after a given number of days or runs, or on a specific date. Show a trial reminder (nag screen) and an EULA (license agreement) at startup. Disable standard Excel actions such as print, copy to clipboard… 

Code signing and installers for Excel spreadsheets easy

Our Excel compiler automatically code signs your spreadsheet application EXE files before public distribution.

Make Setup programs or installers for your secure workbooks in a snap.

Make stand-alone applications

Secured EXE applications are stand-alone and only require Microsoft Excel to work. All Excel functionalities are supported. XLS Padlock can also compile EXE for any Excel bitness: 32-bit, 64-bit and even Universal.

All recent Excel versions handled

XLS Padlock is compatible with Excel 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002… 32-bit or 64-bit versions. It works fine with Office 365 subscriptions.


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I sell a commercial application using XLS Padlock as my excel protector/compiler and as well the joint program Paquet Builder to distribute. I have had no issues with XLS Padlock or others that run the software I distribute and find it very simple and effective to use with some good features.

– Kevin A.

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I love this application and my product would not exist without them. It is true there are other similar products out there but they have subscription and commission based models and will cost you a small fortune if you are distributing a number of copies or versions.

– STAR TREK Trekkie Tracker


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