WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2024 released

WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2024 released

Our WooCommerce integration kit has been updated for handling automated online deactivation, the new feature of XLS Padlock 2024.

Before updating your installation, please read the “Upgrading from a previous release” section of our documentation.

The WooCommerce Integration Kit 2024 for XLS Padlock presents an innovative solution for securing and managing Excel workbooks. This latest edition continues to provide robust security and flexible management options for your spreadsheets. And now including a deactivation feature so that your customers can easily transfer them from a computer to another one.


No need to pay monthly fees with our WooCommerce Integration Kit

A key feature of this kit is its robust anti-piracy measures. The online activation functionality is a strong defense against unauthorized distribution and piracy. This ensures that only verified users can access your Excel workbooks. This safeguard protects your intellectual property and investment, ensuring peace of mind.

Moreover, ownership and control are also central to the WooCommerce Integration Kit 2024. You maintain full authority over your web server and customer data, giving you complete control over your distribution channel. This level of control enables you to tailor your business strategies to best suit your needs and those of your customers.

For ease of transition to this new version, the updated WooCommerce Integration Kit 2024 manual is readily available in PDF format online and HTML Help format. This resource provides comprehensive instructions and insights, ensuring you can maximize the benefits of the integration.

Still Free

Finally, in keeping with the tradition of its predecessors, the 2024 version is available free of charge to all registered XLS Padlock users. Easily accessible from the dedicated address for registered users, it is highly recommended to update your kit installations to access new features and enhance security and functionality.

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