Dongle protection: high security for your Excel workbook

You can lock your Excel workbook to a dongle, which means that the workbook will not work if the correct dongle is not inserted.

Dongle and USB stick security

The workbook will check the dongle’s presence:

at startup
The workbook will not open if the dongle is not inserted.

regularly during execution (if you wish): you can define the frequency of these verifications, every 30 seconds for instance.
If the dongle is not found, a nag screen pops up requiring insertion of the dongle in the 15 seconds. If the dongle is not inserted in time, the workbook exits.

If you want, you can set restrictions: limit the number of times your Excel workbook can be run, make your key expire after a given number of days or after a given date.

Visit the HS-Security Ware website to know more about dongles.