Protect Your Excel Workbooks with XLS Padlock: The Advanced Excel Compiler for Spreadsheet Copy-Protection

Discover the unparalleled protection for your Excel workbooks with XLS Padlock, a leading Excel Compiler for copy-protection. XLS Padlock stands out as an innovative software solution, transforming your spreadsheets into secure, distributable Windows applications. Whether it’s safeguarding your VBA codes or Excel formulas, XLS Padlock is the go-to tool for comprehensive security.

XLS Padlock: More Than Just an Excel Compiler

XLS Padlock is not just an Excel Compiler: it’s a revolution in Excel workbook security. In fact, it compiles your spreadsheets, VBA code, and formulas into robust applications, which brings hardware-locking for use only on authorized computers. This advanced security feature ensures your intellectual property remains protected: it’s really a strong copy-protection solution for your Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Excel with XLS Padlock

Our Excel compiler XLS Padlock goes beyond basic protection. It offers a suite of features designed to maximize the value of your Excel workbooks. These include:

Unbreakable Workbook Protection: by compiling Excel workbooks into secure EXE files, XLS Padlock eliminates risks of unauthorized access and tampering. Learn more about our workbook protection technology.

Impenetrable VBA Code Security: with its integrated VBA Compiler, XLS Padlock not only locks your VBA code but compiles it into bytecode, making it inaccessible for copying or modification. Dive deeper into our VBA protection methods.

Formula Protection: XLS Padlock ensures that your Excel formulas work flawlessly while remaining hidden from end-users. Check out how we protect your formulas.

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Licensing Capabilities: Creating Trial Versions and Full Versions with Ease

One of the standout features of this great Excel compiler is its ability to add licensing capabilities to your Excel applications. Indeed, with XLS Padlock, you can create trial versions of your applications that are time-limited or run-limited, ensuring potential customers can test your Excel spreadsheet before purchasing.

Besides, when customers are ready to purchase, XLS Padlock makes it easy to generate activation keys to unlock the full version of the application. Moreover, this process can even be automated with online activation, simplifying the process for both you and your customers.

Copy-Protection Thanks to Hardware-Locking (System ID) And Activation Keys
Copy-Protection Thanks to Hardware-Locking (System ID) And Activation Keys. If you prefer, this can also be automated thanks to online activation.

Moreover, XLS Padlock’s digital rights management features and anti-copy protection (hardware-locking, automated online validation and deactivation) help to limit the piracy of your Excel workbooks. By controlling how your applications are used and distributed, you can ensure your intellectual property is protected.

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