How to protect an Excel workbook

1. In Excel, open the workbook you want to protect (any Excel format such as XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB files), and save changes.

2. Configure general and security options in XLS Padlock.

Choose Compile to Exe in the XLS Padlock menu or ribbon:

  • Before Excel 2007: “XLS Padlock” menu

  • Starting from Excel 2007: “XLS Padlock” ribbon

Make sure you have saved your Excel document before opening XLS Padlock.

Give a title to your workbook. It will be displayed after the file name on the upper ribbon of your workbook, replacing “Microsoft Excel” mention.

You can choose to show a splash screen, an image shortly displayed at startup, and set how long you want it to be displayed. If the user clicks it, the screen closes immediately.

3. Build your workbook as secure application or Save your project

After configuring your workbook’s settings, you can either:

  • build your secure application: your distributable workbook is compiled and ready for use.

Build Secure Application

  • save your project to compile it later.