WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2023 released

WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2023 released

Our WooCommerce integration kit has been updated with PHP 8.1 support and improvements.
We have removed the dependency on the REST API which will allow better compatibility for some web servers and WordPress plugins.
Before updating your installation, please read the “Upgrading from a previous release” section of our documentation.

In addition to providing remote access control for Excel workbooks, using our WooCommerce integration kit to secure your workbooks with XLS Padlock has several advantages:

  • Flexibility: By utilizing online activation, you can offer your customers a range of subscription options for your workbooks, including monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions, and make it easy for them to renew or upgrade their subscriptions.
  • Ownership: You will have full control over your web server and customer data, giving you complete authority over the entire distribution channel.
  • Anti-piracy protection: Online activation helps safeguard against piracy and unauthorized distribution of your Excel workbooks by ensuring that only authorized users can access them.

The updated WooCommerce Integration Kit 2023 manual in PDF is also publicly available.

As with previous versions, this kit is available for free to all XLS Padlock users who have registered. You can download it from the usual address dedicated to registered users.

We highly recommend updating your kit installations.

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