WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2022 available

WooCommerce Integration Kit version 2022 available

Our WooCommerce integration kit has been updated with PHP 8.x support and improvements.

A breaking change for users of WooCommerce subscriptions: the activation token for subscriptions is now CUSTOMER EMAIL-PARENT ORDER ID and no more CUSTOMER
EMAIL-SUBSCRIPTION ID. This change was necessary because in confirmation emails, the parent order is is more often available for insertion than the subscription ID.

The updated WooCommerce Integration Kit 2022 manual in PDF is publicly available.

As before, this kit is offered free of charge to all registered XLS Padlock users. You can download it at the usual address dedicated to registered users.

Please note that the key generator in PHP was also updated to support PHP 8.1. We also strongly recommend you to update your installations as explained here.

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